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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (0)

Let's Go Round Again!

  • Let's Go Round Again!

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Can't remember the last time we used this image?! Anyways, high pressure is in control of the weather as it sits across Scandinavia bringing an Easterly or North-easterly breeze across the country and clear skies for many of us.

Today is pretty much a re-run of yesterday but with one or two small exceptions. For the bulk of England, Wales and Scotland it will be wall to wall blue skies and sunshine. The exceptions are once again the North-east coast which is likely to be plagued with the Haar as low cloud and spits and spots of drizzle come in off the North Sea (Naughty North Sea!).

The other exception is across Devon and Cornwall later this afternoon and into this evening. As the high starts to retreat away East so the pressure will drop and allow some sharp showers with the chance of localised thunderstorms across Devon and West Cornwall during the course of the day as a weak frontal system brings more in the way of cloud across the South-west.

Other than that it's a "Get your shorts on!" weather day with temperatures up to 28 or 29c along the South coast. 25 or 26 for many other areas, but feeling cooler across the East with that Easterly wind. Whatever you're doing and wherever you're doing it have a fantastic day!

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (5)

The Spanish Plume Of Gloom (and Doom)

Wow! First day for a while with no weather watches or warnings out! Enjoy!

We thought we would take a little look at what is causing this excessively thundery Summer across the UK. There has been much talk of Spanish Plumes etc which is all fine and well, but as meteorologists we take a look back at what is causing this effect. The weather is pretty simple, put in place a series of events and you get a series of results.

One of the main contributing factors to the large number of storms and showers is the remarkably wet Winter of 2013/14 we had. This has left the soil with plenty of available moisture in which to evaporate during the summer months. If we take the summer of 2003 as an opposite example then after a dry Winter of 2002/3 the available moisture in the soil was so low that even when low pressure made the potential for storms to be available there was so little water available that showers and storms were few and far between.

At present we are in a positive feedback loop. As we get more storms, so the moisture in the soil is still there for more storms to develop and so the cycle continues.

The other (rather weak correlation) is between a developing or weak El Nino and a thundery Summer across Western Europe. This link is still being investigated and is still subject to some debate. But with the weather patterns very much locked in a sluggish regime over the next few weeks it looks as though the end of July and start of August are likely to see further outbreaks of storms.

One thing we have found out is that the Met Office EURO4 model is hopeless at dealing with Spanish Plumes and imported thunderstorms to the point of being useless to meteorologists. It missed each of the main plumes last week, whilst the American GFS picked it up nearly 10 days before.

Oh, and what type of Winter follows a thundery Summer? We will tell you the answer to this soon....

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (3)

Metcheck v7

Metcheck v6 looks like being the shortest lived version of the site we have ever had? This is due to the fact that we kinda got it wrong with regards to the navigation and flexibility of the existing structure.

But from August 1st a moratorium starts on Metcheck v6 as our programmers start work on the next version of the site. Over the weekend there was a buzz around Metcheck Towers as we started to look at the technology we are using for the next version of the site. Already we promise the following things :-

- It will be responsive (i.e work on all your devices)
- All existing pages will be carried over
- It will have a picture of a cow (on all your devices)
- It will have less adverts
- It won't make you coffee (on any of your devices)

We will shortly be opening a new area in the sandbox to get your wishlist for the next version of the site.

We are planning to launch Metcheck v7 on October 1st 2014. However, we will be running the new version alongside the existing one from September 1st to let you get used to it.

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